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The Gamescom 2012 features GTA 5 in its official trailer

Gamescom is the largest event highlight and trade fair for entertainment and interactive games on earth. This video games trade fair usually takes place each year in Cologne, Germany. The organizer of the fair is Federal Association of Interactive Entertainment Software. Many developers of video games use Gamescom to make an exhibition of their forthcoming games, as well as game-associated hardware.

Star exhibitors, from over 30 countries, will be displaying their latest products in Cologne from August 15th to August 19th. Gamescom presents a new fantastic adventure that is about to begin and people are invited to be part of this adventure. Gamescom’s path of upward growth is therefore continuing. In addition to an additional number of themes, features and more topics, there will be an additional exhibition space of 20,000 square meters in Cologne. As a result, exhibitors and visitors will now have 140,000 square meters for excellent business and entertainment.

A portion of the GTA 5 trailer was flaunted in the Gamescom 2012 trailer. It is exceedingly possible that various events will be broadcasted, or a sneak peak displayed on this date. In case there would be nothing related to GTA 5 Xbox ( More Info here ) or PS3, this would be extremely deceptive.

The official GamesCom Trailer:

GTA 5’s presence at Gamescom 2012 is very important. This is attributed to two main facts: it is take two interactive best-seller, and it will increase its marketability if people play the game in August, it is likely that they will play it again later in the year when it is released. In case it will be displayed at Gamescom 2012, will there be any new information regarding its release date?

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