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Stealing a Peek at Grand Theft Auto V
“I wanted to retire from what I was doing, you know, from that, that line of work. Be a good guy for once,” intones a rough-voiced man on Rockstar Games’s trailer for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V. “But you know how it is.”

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Ever since the original Grand Theft Auto burst onto the market in 1997, the GTA franchise has grown bigger and bolder with each iteration, treading the fine line between chaotic violence and open-ended sandbox play. Grand Theft Auto V promises to be quite the wild ride.

Images for Grand Theft Auto’s newest incarnation were initially leaked in early 2011, and ever since then, speculation has grown about what surprises the newest GTA holds in store. Set in Los Santos, GTA’s amalgam city that hearkens back to Hollywood and the seedy, glittery underbelly of California, Grand Theft Auto V will have plenty of rough, hilly terrain.

For any of the Grand Theft Auto series, the characters are a big selling point. Even though the games are sandbox titles, later games incorporated storylines and characterization to make for an even more involving gaming experience.  There are rumours that GTA will also be released for PS4 – and also that the Game will be released for PC.

Gameplay appears to be similar to that of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, but only time will tell if new features will be rolled out before its mid-2012 release. From the looks of the trailer, the graphics are silky smooth and more detailed than ever. The release of Dead or Alive 5, a smooth beat em up is a few months earlier. Even it is not a open world game – most GTA 5 gamers will like the beat em up with sexy ladies too..

Financial experts are already predicting Grand Theft Auto V to be a massive hit money-wise. But fans will have to wait to see whether the hype holds up. Developers are already making big statements about the scope of the game, saying it’s going to be the biggest, baddest Grand Theft Auto ever made. Given the freedom of the previous games, this bodes well for an exciting game to come.